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Golf Fundamentals Model

Golf Fundamentals Model for Adaptive Golfers

One of the fastest growing sports among the adaptive community is golf! Whether you’re new to the game or trying to improve so you can better compete with your buddies or in one of the many adaptive golf leagues around the country, this is the video for you. Never before has there been a training model for learning golf geared specifically for the adaptive golfer—until now! Learn the basic fundamental skills required to hit every shot in the bag, increase your overall clubhead speed and distance, and achieve a level of consistency you never thought possible. What are you waiting for? Get started today!




Upgrade to the Complete Learning Series Package

Each individual series package includes seven video courses and the following training aids, valued at over $300 alone:

6 Individual Classes (Golf Fundamentals Model for Adaptive Golfers; Putting; Chipping/Short Game; Full Swing Short Irons; Full Swing Mid-Irons; Full Swing Longs)

1 Golf Fundamentals Training Mat

10 Flex-Head G3 Tees

1 Putting Arc Training Aid

1 Golf Fundamentals Strength and Speed Trainer

1 Training Ball and Mirror

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The Golf Fundamentals Model Book

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Putting Video

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Chipping Short Game Video

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Full Swing Short Irons Video

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Full Swing Mid Irons Video

[[1500 | currency]]

Full Swing Longs Video

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Strength and Speed Trainer

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