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Golf Fundamentals Model

Full Swing Longs

“Let the big dog eat!”

In this 20-minute course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to maximize your distance and accuracy with your long clubs (driver, 3-wood). Discover the modern fundamental keys to optimizing your clubhead speed and ball speed, and how to shape your shots so that you hit more fairways and bomb your tee shots past your buddies.

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Upgrade to the Complete Learning Series Package

Each individual series package includes seven video courses and the following training aids, valued at over $300 alone:

7 Individual Classes (Golf-Specific Training; Basic Golf Fundamentals Model; Putting; Chipping/Short Game; Full Swing Short Irons; Full Swing Mid-Irons; Full Swing Longs)

1 Golf Fundamentals Training Mat

10 Flex-Head G3 Tees

1 Putting Arc Training Aid

1 Speed and Strength Trainer

1 Training Ball and Mirror

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Putting Video

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Basic Golf Fundamentals Model Video

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Chipping Short Game Video

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Full Swing Mid Irons Video

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Full Swing Short Irons Video

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Golf-Specific Training Video

[[1500 | currency]]

The Golf Fundamentals Model Book

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Complete Training Aids Package

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