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Golf Fundamentals Model

Golf Fundamentals Model Education Seminar

Based on the critically acclaimed 2021 book, The Golf Fundamentals Model, this comprehensive three-day seminar introduces a modern, brilliantly sequential, scientifically-validated model. The model introduces new techniques designed to help teachers fast-track the learning and improvement process for their students. Based on years of research and collective knowledge from many of the game’s top instructors—including several Hall of Fame teachers—it provides a blueprint on how to teach and learn the game most efficiently, without the conflicting theories, myths and trial-and-error methods we see in much of today’s golf instruction. Each seminar carries with it 24 hours of PGA continuing education certification points for all PGA members. Experience the future of how golf is going to be taught, and how you can help spearhead the growth of the game by making it easier and less time consuming to learn. Space is limited to eight teachers per seminar, so sign up today to guarantee your spot!

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Introduction to the Basic Golf Fundamentals Model

Discussion of laws, principles and preferences of the golf swing

How to conduct initial student interview and physical assessment

Putting, short-game, full-swing rapid skill development

Practical application of modern technology, video swing analysis

On-course play practice; most effective ways to shoot lower scores

How to make more money for yourself and your facility

Golf Fundamentals Model training aids, book and more

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