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Nearly 40% of all golfer’s strokes occur on the putting green, which makes the flatstick the most important club in your bag. ?

In this course, you’ll learn how to pattern the perfect putting stroke and aim and set up consistently for every putt. You’ll also learn how to develop better touch and speed so that you can be great from 5 feet and in and long range, and rarely ever three-putt again!

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Upgrade to the Complete Learning Series Package

Each individual series package includes seven video courses and the following training aids, valued at over $300 alone:

7 Individual Classes (Golf-Specific Training; Basic Golf Fundamentals Model; Putting; Chipping/Short Game; Full Swing Short Irons; Full Swing Mid-Irons; Full Swing Longs)

1 Golf Fundamentals Training Mat

10 Flex-Head G3 Tees

1 Putting Arc Training Aid

1 Golf Fundamentals Strength and Speed Trainer

1 Training Ball and Mirror

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Basic Golf Fundamentals Model Video

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Chipping Short Game Video

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Full Swing Longs Video

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Full Swing Mid Irons Video

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Full Swing Short Irons Video

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Golf-Specific Training Video

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Complete Training Aids Package

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The Golf Fundamentals Model Book

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